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Pangasius Market Report - February 2009
Update 2/6/2009
Viet Nam exported nearly 550 000 tonnes of tra and basa pangasius (commonly called pangasius) in the first ten months of 2008, for a value of USD 1.24 billion.
Vietnamese seafood import trend in Korea
Update 2/6/2009
In 2008 Korean market, total seafood import volume reported 935,332 M/T.
Many seafood companies just work with 30% capacity.
Update 1/22/2009
Inabundant material shrimp leads to sharply increasing capacity of factories
Seafood industry wants a support of 15-17 thousand billion VND
Update 1/22/2009
At the same time, the Association of Aquaculture has suggested to raise the rate of currency exchange to 5%, given the exporters better conditions
Ben Tre: Allowed to produce white-leg shrimp
Update 1/10/2009
People’s Committee of Ben Tre Province has promulgated the instruction No.14/2008/CT-UBND of permission to continue producing, trading and farming sea-shrimp in the province.
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